Hello There A e s t h e t e s

Hello There A e s t h e t e s

Poetic.ly is a not-for-profit press & philanthropy, founded in the spring of 2020. 

With a focus on literary art, this site exits to publish & promote a new literary aesthetic, vaguely defined as agnostic (i.e., against stayed, tired institutions).

Readers come here for 0ur considered reflections on art, including: exclusive content, interviews, & commentary, updated daily. 


Poetic.ly uses its growing endowment to (1) print original works through our Poetic.ly Press & Poetic.ly Journal; and, (2) to publish bit-sized, electric, sticky content. 

These features will inevitably grow & clarify as we approach launch. 

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This text serves as a visual representation of actual, meaningful text & helps the webmaster design this template prior to the official launch of the website. It’s really just nonsense, but is likely the least promotional part of this website, so, under this consideration, enjoy it–and, of course, lorem ipsum dolor

Christian Harder

Christian Harder

I'm a fellow of The Iowa Writers' Workshop (2014). My work is featured in @Pank, @Pleiades, @BestNewPoets, & elsewhere. His book-length work, 'Holomony' is forthcoming.

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